Unit 9 lớp 8 Getting Started – A first aid course

Bài học Getting Started Unit 9 tiếng Anh lớp 8 hướng dẫn các em làm quen với một số tình huống cần sơ cứu.

Getting Started Unit 9 Lớp 8

Work with a partner. What would you do in these situations which require first-aid? The pictures will help you. (Hãy làm việc với bạn em. Em sẽ làm gì trong những tình huống cần sự sơ cứu này. Các bức tranh này sẽ giúp em.)

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Guide to answer

  • a girl has a burn on her arm

=> Cool the burn immediately with ice or cold water packs.

  • a girl has a nose bleed

=> Clean the wound with alcohol.Then use bandage to cover the wound.

  • a boy has a bad cut on his leg

=> Raise her head back and use absorbent cotton or handkerchief to stop the bleeding.

  • a boy has a bee sting

=> Wash the sting. Then apply some balm on the sting to stop the sting.

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